How to transform Your old stairs to a modern staircase?

A staircase is often the best introduction to a home, if not the first piece of decor that attracts your attention as soon as you enter a house. A scruffy or old-fashioned staircases will make a poor first impression on visitors, and can even lower the property's value. This is why it is essential for manufacturers, architects and designers involved in the production of staircase design to pay close attention to every detail and create a stairs that is as custom designed as possible and fully reflects a customer’s personality and practical and decorative preferences

Today UK's leading suppliers of contemporary bespoke staircases offer you easy solutions, to refurbish your staircase with ready made staircase kits. On this blog we will try to show you how to remodel your stairs idea yourself using hand and power tools

We have got also a You Tube tutorial video click here:

How much does it cost to renovate a staircase?

If you updating an existing old design staircase yourself will save a lot of money. If you decide to do this yourself you will pay for the stairs kit only. To replace newel posts, base, handrail and balustrade to new Oak straight staircase the parts cost usually begin around £800 .

To start your project will need couple of hand tools, power tools and mitre saw. You will need to remove the old staircase first, than we will carry on the work at the newel post. At the ground floor usually easy straight forward to do that. The second post what’s a bit time consuming to, you will need to cut the newel post perfect square as low as possible from the step tread.
Once you done this we will need to joint the old post with the new newel post an set bang on level. The best if you use dowels and long screws, countersink the screws and use wood plug to cover the screw heads.

When both of the newel post fixed we will screw dawn the base rail and handrail. Finally you will need to fit the balustrade, and be steel, wood or glass panels. We used recently staircase design kit with glazed panels.
A stylish combination of white oak handrails and sleek gun-metal connectors with toughened glass panels will bring a distinctive minimalist elegance to any home.
At Ok Joinery ltd we are more than happy to help you with any Woodwork bespoke staircase, step tread, step riser, hand rails , not a problem. We are install furniture decades ago, built our own reputation. Please get in touch now for professional advice from our team.


A space age idea Duplex Dinette

Ok Joinery ltd boss Tibor Kunya reckons he has an original take on the traditional narrowboat cabin

Tibor Kunya enjoys his work because he ‘ really likes to create things.’

As boss of Kidderminster-based Ok Joinery, a business that, amongst other things is involved in fitting out boats, this practical creativity is very much part of Tibor’s working life. Most recently it’s seen him design a narrow boat dinette/bedroom/living space with about fifteen permutations, and finding out how this could function has clearly given him a lot of pleasure. “A car mechanic just fixes things that have already been made. With joinery you’re creating something, and I love working with wood,” he said.

Born in Hungary, Tibor is a master of joiner and qualified Marine engineer. He initially thought he would undertake agency jobs but then found himself working full time for boat builder Sealine International. It proved to be something of a vocation. “Straight away I found that I loved working on boats,” said Tibor. Making things fit and work effectively in craft that often had complex hull shapes was a challenge he enjoyed and he worked closely with boat designers during this period.
In due course Tibor went freelance and set up Ok Joinery with partner Miroslaw Ochnik, applying his knowledge to office and garden furniture, kitchens, motor caravans and boats. In due course he began to turn his attention to inland waterways craft, as there was less demand from luxury boat builders. Being located in the Midlands has proved to be a boon for narrow boat commissions, and the boats themselves are in some ways more straightforward to work on, as the hull shapes have less tapers, curves and tricky radiuses. “Motor boat furniture has to be shaped, but narrowboats have straight sides, the only area that is more complicated and where there’s a bit of an angle is under the gunwale really,” he said. According to Tibor, many narrowboats have similar internal dimensions, which makes for more straightforward templates when designing fitting for them. However, this also means that careful planning is required.

“You have to look and ask; ‘how easy will it be to open a door. Is there enough space? Furniture can’t be too big, but making things fit in tiny spaces isn’t new to us,” he said. The dinette project came through conversations with boat building clients, and gradually the idea of a space that could be both lived in and used for sleeping took shape. “We were looking at something that could change from having seats into a single or event a double bed, and started by sitting down and sketching,” he said. A prototype was built using sections of MDF, and the design was refined and developed, so that the end product has around seven permutations. Tibor claims that it’s unique and thinks it could also have applications in recreational vehicles, campers and caravans. To gauge reaction and get feedback, Duplex Dinette built in to clients show boat at last year’s Crick show and was back again in 2019 on the basis that this was a good place to get feedback and meet potential clients. He was heartened by the number of boaters who liked what he’d done.

“This business has to be based on trust. What we’re doing is not like buying a chocolate bar. People need to go away and think about things,” he said. The design is essentially fit for straight galley with passageway in the middle and also fit for “L” Shaped kitchen with basic size parameters of around 6ftx6ft, although there is some wriggle room on the exact dimensions, so the product can be adapted for different sized narrowboat interiors. The deluxe version of Duplex Dinette can use now in fifteen different modes. Tibor envisages it as being something that can be bought and fitted virtually as a flat pack, although he will also install it as a retrofit, and is keen to find work with narrow boat builders so that variations of his design become original equipment.
All of which begs the question. Does he own a narrowboat himself? Tibor said because of the pressures of work and a busy family life, that he does not, and adds that his children are sufficiently young that their idea of fun is to play outdoors. “I didn’t own a boat, I’m a family man with two kids and I’m just too busy, I am sure Ill design one boat for myself when I am retired ” He talks wistfully about this situation changing when his children are older, but seems more than happy that for now, messing about with boats involves designing their interiors rather than piloting them on the canal network.

Ok Joinery Ltd, Unit 23, Hoobrook Enterprise Centre, Worcester Rd, Kidderminster, DY10, 1HB.

Enquiries can be emailed to or call Phone: 01562540204 Mobile 07895438833


How the fitness industry can reopen safely post Covid-19

As we reach the date that many industries can open after 4 months closed, we are all starting to think about how we can ever get back to some normal in a post-Covid-19 world.

One industry that many people cannot wait to open is gyms and fitness places. There has been much speculation in the media about how these can be safe. However, we think that the fitness industry can reopen safely and allow customers to get back to their fitness plans.

Want to know more? Here are some of the ways that the fitness industry can reopen safely this year.

Ensure that customers understand what they need to do

Of course, gyms know that they play an essential part in ensuring that everything goes right. It is also important that the customers themselves understand the part that they play in the process. They need to know what they need to do to keep themselves safe and protected. Whether this is keeping their distance, wearing masks or ensuring that they do not come to the gym if they feel unwell.

Provide them with what they need

Customers can only do what they can if they have access to what they need. This includes hand sanitiser stations and even disposable masks if they don’t have a face-covering of their own. You also need to ensure that you have cleaning materials for the equipment between each use and mark floor space and shared areas highlighting how much space they should give one another.

Install antimicrobial lockers

As well as preparing to safely open, you can also invest in making sure that your gym or fitness centre looks as impressive as possible. This is where antimicrobial lockers can help. These lockers are designed to ensure that your customers feel as safe as they can. They are made from a special metal, ensuring that bacteria and viruses cannot survive (just like Covid-19). This lowers the chances of transmission.

Not only this, but these lockers can be made as intelligent door lockers. This means that you can increase security as well as hygiene.

Opening gyms and fitness centres are an integral part of the process of getting back to normal. This means that anything you can do makes sure that those who are using them are safe will prove key for helping us feel like we are living again. Not only to gyms and fitness centres but to all industries and parts of life too!


Innovative furniture for Narrowboats

Many people will be reporting mainly about the technical aspects of the boats but it falls to me to talk about the narrowboat interiors today! So much to choose from fabric to taps, dining table and bench, curtains and light switches to radiators. This article is about one of the fundamental aspects of the galley/lounge area the Duplex Dinette.

One of the things that drew us to Ok Joinery ltd was their attitude to innovation. And this innovation is the practical implementation of ideas that result in the introduction of new boat furniture. This can do way of thinking is not limited purely to matters technological. It extends also to narrowboat interior design.

The Duplex Dinette in question was designed by Ok Joinery’s Tibor Kunya and Miloslaw Ochnik (both of the names use to work at the well knows British motorboat builder the Sealine) the innovative dinette provides a really flexible seating/dining feature. The prototype of this reconfigurable dinette was first used on Sloop John T Narrowboat built on 2018 and exhibited at the Crick boat show that year.

The prototype of the Duplex Dinette main configurations:

2 x 2ft x 6ft single beds
6ft x 4ft double bed
2 x two seater sofas
2x three seater sofas, with the addition of a large table top, can be used to seat 6 people for dining.
2 x chaise longues
Since 2018, Ok joinery ltd has developed a lot on this product, with newer and newer configurations. The updated version has also been expanded with a king size bed which sounds very good in a canalboat. The Duplex Dinette fit to any tiny homes so can be used in boats, motorhomes, caravans or campervans.
The units that form the seating of the dinettes can also be used for storage. In the base of Duplex Dinette can be fitted fridge freezer, wine cooler etc. This product gives customers flexibility when friends and family coming to stay often, what`s need for everyday lives aboard.

We offer:

Single dinette -Two seater dinette, Single bed, 3 seater sofa, storage (bed base)
Single Dinette unit (Reconfigurable) Configurations: Dinette with two seats and a table, two seater sofa, three seater sofa, single bed, short chaise longue, long chaise longue ,storage(bed base)
Bespoke Pullman Dinette 6`x4` Dinette& Double bed
Duplex Dinette Updated Version single bed, sofas, double bed, king size bed (6ftx6ft), dining set, short chaise longue, long chaise longue etc.
At Ok Joinery ltd, we provide bespoke boat furniture UK-wide, we specialised to build bespoke furniture for boats, contact us today.



Never has the need been greater for surfaces that protect than it is now. With health high on everyone`s agenda, antimicrobial products that have been around for a couple of decades and in widespread use in hospitals, medical practices, schools and public buildings have suddenly taken on a new importance in facility changing rooms included any lockers, gym lockers, office lockers or any personal lockers in the locker room.

Ok Joinery ltd produces storage lockers years and years ago, we design, manufacture and install changing room lockers for facilities. Now Ok Joinery ltd can provide you with changing room lockers that have been laminated with surfaces that inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and moulds by to 99.99%. When bacteria come into contact with the protected locker cabinets, lockers doors or any locker parts, the silver-ion technology within the surface prevents them from growing and multiplying like they would on an untreated surface so they die. Both the laminated locker parts and the edgebandings applied to them offer the highest possible locker room protection. They can also be recycled without any complications.

With all areas of everyday life now demanding increased levels of hygiene, by utilising antimicrobial changing room furniture, office lockers, gym lockers, or any wood lockers Ok Joinery ltd is able to provide the ULTIMATE IN PROTECTION and it`s claimed never degrade. We also manufacture antimicrobial kitchens, wardrobes, cupboards, desks, dining tables narrowboat interiors, even sideboard

To find out how antimicrobial lockers from Ok Joinery ltd can support you as you adapt to a future that’s already becoming a reality contact us on or email us



Time is the penny for everyone. Save time and focus on optimal performance with the hard, durable cabinets from Ok Joinery ltd. Protect your valuable gear and equipment and help your athletes and guests keep their belongings safe with good-looking, easy-to-clean sports cabinets that enhance team pride. Ok Joinery ltd has been outstanding in the storage of athletic equipment for many years. Our day use lockers help solve issues with personal storage and athletic equipment exchange. Do you have health and safety concerns about improper storage around the facility? Do backpacks and bags accumulate in gyms and changing room floor? If you are answering yes to any of these questions read about our specific applications in locker room we can help you tackle storage challenges.

Select cabinets that are durable

Some metal lockers are not made of heavy-duty steel frames that are not durable for frequent use. We only use the thickest material what`s on the market for our wood lockers . All our personal lockers engineered and tested to ensure reliability The panels we use have highly anti-bacterial at no extra cost. Heavy duty soft close hinges and venting available All our locker cabinets 100% made in the UK.

Adaptable design and layouts

Instead of finding lockers to try to fit your space, with bespoke lockers, it’s the other way round. The removable plinth makes it easy to customise the design of your bespoke lockers, from built-in lockers to a design that incorporates lockers and a bench. Our personal lockers have a closed back and can be accessed via the locking door. These wood lockers keep equipment secure and can be built into a wall or configured as partitions or free-standing islands.

The colors and materials of your choice

Our changing room lockers have complete freedom and you can choose the material and surface you want. In addition to MDF and laminate, we also offer fireproof material and hinges with soft closures. Choose from elegant white for gym lockers or from the primary light shades for the office lockers or sports team locker room . Upscale facilities such as hotel lockers and spa lockers may prefer warm wood paneling to create a lavish look and sense of luxury.


Keep the focus on optimal performance with high quality, easy to use storage for athletic gear and personal belongings. When you are ready to bring quality, convenience, and great-looking style to your athletics department, get in touch to learn more about your options. Ok Joinery ltd offers free, no-obligation space assessments to help you unlock the potential of your athletes, your staff, and your space. Contact us today!



Launching a new product on the market is always a very special and exciting thing.

Especially if that product determines your life and helps others, we have always been attracted to furniture designers and we have been doing this for decades. Whatever you are planning be wooden garden furniture, solid oak dining table or real wood furniture. Designing a piece of solid wood furniture is not an easy thing to do, and very often it is also a matter of how well you can get things done in the beginning.

When you start and continue and continue, there are always new things that lead you in a positive or negative direction, you often find yourself in trouble and solve them, while you always solve something new and you love more and more what you do.

We had to wait more than two years to introduce our new products to the public. Why? This furniture has changed a lot in two years. We’ve always developed something on it, striving to one day to give something special to people. Well, this day is coming soon. Now we don't need much to get to the final stage in the development of our new furniture.

In just a couple of weeks we will present our new product, which will be a unique piece of furniture. We recommend that you stay tuned and soon you will get to know a product that can be unique in the whole world.

Something BIG is happening tomorrow! STAY TUNED!

At Ok Joinery, we provide bespoke furniture for Domestic and Commerical firms, including bespoke lockers, solid oak dining table and more. Contact us today for an informal chat about your requirements.



Before we delve into the details of joint construction or the characteristics of oak, let’s start with the basics of what green-oak framing is. Well, it’s a method of making a structural frame that will support both the roof and the floors of the building, wooden garden furniture , a pergola or a green oak carport . The beams within the frame are connected using traditional joints and secured with wooden pegs. In North America this method would simply be known as `timber framing` but unfortunately in Britain this generally means houses built with 4x2 inch softwood, nailed together.
To distinguish `heavy ‘structural timber framing from `light ‘softwood timber framing, `Oak trends to be included somewhere in its description. Whatever we use the frame for a roof of wood garden furniture , shelter , solid oak dining table or solid wood furniture . So whether it’s described as green-oak timber framing, traditional oak framing or just oak framing it all means the same thing. Confusingly though, oak is not the only timber used to make structural frames, even if it is by far the most common.

I have concentrated on oak throughout this blog but that is not to dismiss alternatives. Other timber such as Douglas fir can make equally impressive frames. It is just like any real wood furniture possible to use different wood. Its properties are different to those of oak, so consequently it is framed in a different way. For instance, joint and section sizes trend to be bigger and curves are not generally used. Houses built using Douglas fir trend to have a different feel and style, more similar to American `post-and –beam` framing than to British-style oak frames.

Throughout the blog I refer to building frames for carports, or any solid wood furniture uk .In reality I am asked to build many other types of structure as well. The techniques described can equally be applied to building a conservatory, an extension, a bridge or even a swimming pool enclosure. At Ok Joinery, we provide bespoke solid wood furniture uk –wide, including bespoke garden furniture , lockers , solid oak dining table and more. Contact us today for an informal chat about your requirements.



If your website looks unappealing or outdated, your audience will immediately have a negative impression of your business. Customers find your website appealing, which deters them from your page. So we decided to redesign our website, but what`s new?

We have had an old WordPress website since we opened our business on 2013. This website not just using old style themes, it was also very slow. So we wanted modern and very responsive website.

We have created a clean, modern design and improved site navigation to help our users find exactly what they’re looking for and better represent who we are as a company.

The new website have been built on different platform rather than using WordPress we decided to use JavaScript. JavaScript is very fast because it can be run immediately within the client-side browser. The most popular website have been built on this platform such as Google, YouTube, Facebook or Wikipedia.

We added new content and updated existing out of date contents. Our customers can either get them to remain on our page and learn about our business or leave our page and turn to a competitor.

We developed the blog which will be frequently updated with news, woodworking tips and trends, as well as useful advice for our clients and candidates. Including lockers news, bespoke kitchen, or office furniture.

We’ll be frequently adding new, exciting and interesting content to our website, including completed jobs, projects, blog posts and videos. Please also check out our social media channels for more Ok Joinery updates!


Have you had a scroll through our website? We would love to hear your thoughts – please get in touch with us at Email:



At the heart of any home is the kitchen. And at the center of the kitchen, the kitchen island. A kitchen island can be an excellent addition to enhance a bespoke kitchen. They allow for additional functions, style, storage, and seating to the kitchen space. Kitchen islands come in many different varieties, so choosing the type that is best suited to the customer’s needs is very important. You should consider the available budget, the design and space within the kitchen, and the desired function of the island. OK Joinery offers bespoke kitchen islands that meet customers’ individual needs, making that ideal kitchen that has always been envisioned a reality.
1. Floor Plan The floor plan of the kitchen should be able to accommodate a kitchen island. U or L shaped kitchens allow for an effective kitchen island that does not impede foot traffic or the flow of the kitchen.
2. Style The surrounding kitchen design and the function of your kitchen island should determine the style of your bespoke kitchen island. The island should complement the surrounding kitchen and should have the same overarching design as the kitchen worktops, table, and cabinets. Take a look at our bespoke kitchen furniture here.
3. Triangle The kitchen triangle consists of the imaginary lines that connect the fridge, stovetop, and sink together in the kitchen. This triangle should not cut through the kitchen island by more than a foot, as it could interrupt the flow of work in the kitchen.
4. Extras Integrating useful extras such as electrical outlets and appliances will improve the functionality and usefulness of the island. Once you choose the perfect kitchen island, why not explore the bespoke garden furniture OK Joinery can offer?



Investing in bespoke laminated work surfaces can make your business stand out from the rest. Whether you are looking for bespoke lockers or bespoke office furniture, our carpenters in Kidderminster can help with all of your needs. Professional Look
Wooden laminated work surfaces can help add a professional polished look to any businesses decor. Many businesses and consumers are now opting for bespoke wooden garden furniture in the UK and by using our Kidderminster carpenters we can help make your garden look even more beautiful. Alternatively, many sports clubs and gyms are opting for bespoke lockers for their changing rooms. This gives your establishment a more upmarket feel, especially compared to traditional metal lockers.
Long Term Investment Although many offices and businesses often decide to go with off the shelf furniture, investing in bespoke office furniture can save you in the long run. Laminated work surfaces can help prolong the longevity of your office workstations, therefore often making this option a more affordable way to furnish your office.
Tailored to you One of the many benefits of bespoke furniture is that it can be tailored to you and the style of your business. Your choice of a laminated work surface can change the look of your office, school or even your boat furniture. Whether you choose a light or dark wood finish can drastically change the aesthetic of your business.
Often when clients are choosing bespoke furniture such as a woodwork kitchen they opt for an exposed wood finish, meaning you only treat the wood to stop it from rotting but use no other finish. However, there are many different finishes such as painted surfaces or laminated surfaces which can create a completely different look. If you are looking to invest in bespoke furniture and are interested in laminated work surfaces, contact one of our experts. Give us a call on 01562540204 or email us at

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    It could be said that all locker businesses aren’t created equal. What may be normal for a small company could be strange for a large one. However deciding how to sell changing room furniture to clients can be a level playing field.
    “There aren’t any differences,” says Tibor Kunya CEO of Ok Joinery Limited. It is said that “A bad salesman can’t sell water in the desert but a good salesman can sell sand in the desert” It means that the personality of a locker salesperson plays a big role in closing the sales and sales conversion rate. There is always going to be a fan base for the kind of lockers you are selling gym lockers, school lockers or workplace lockers. It’s matter of making a good impression on your potential clients. You may have what they want, but if they don’t feel comfortable purchasing from you as a result of your personality, locker buyers will seek out your competition.
    So how can you improve locker room furniture sales? Here are our top tips to do just that.
    Attitude, lockers product knowledge and selling skill Locker retailers who chase after any one of the three in isolation might just as well chase after smoke. What is true of attitude, lockers product knowledge, and selling skills, is also true about the matter of probing. The locker supplier’s verbal open and closed probes are ineffective unless accompanied by nonverbal language which consists of voice quality and body language. It is also true that even when verbal probes are used correctly, locker sellers may fail to hear their customer’s response.
    Whenever the salesperson’s verbal and nonverbal language are in disagreement, the customer will always believe the lockers supplier`s nonverbal language. The cure for these mixed messages to the buyer, are simple. The seller must hone their listening skills. Not only must they listen to their clients, but they must also be acutely aware of their own verbal interactions and non verbal postures. In effect, they must practice watching themselves selling locker products. Ok joinery ltd design, manufacture and install high quality of bespoke lockers and the only one independent wooden Z Locker manufacturer in the UK. So improve your locker product knowledge by looking our new range of Z Lockers .Contact Ok Joinery Ltd and learn more about our new heavy duty lockers.



    Sometimes, we need to ask ourselves the tough questions. When it comes to investing in furniture, it is always a good idea to ask yourselves a few queries right away; especially when you’re on your boat.

    Will it fit with the space I have available?

    This question will save you a lot of time if you ask yourself it right away. If you know the item you’re looking at won’t fit, you can move to the next. Alternatively, you can discuss bespoke furniture with someone who does custom builds. This way, whatever is created will fit in the area you have perfectly.

    Will there be a lot of maintenance involved?

    Even if you don’t mind maintenance, it will be beneficial to know the amount right off the bat. For example, you may be looking at something that needs to be packed away, kept out of the sun, or polished often.

    How was it made?

    Sure you love the aesthetic, but have you looked deeper? Understanding who made your furniture and what materials they used can help you create a deeper understanding and respect for the piece. It can also help you to avoid unethical companies.

    Will this piece deal well with dampness?

    Let’s face it, boats will have some water from time to time. You will most likely avoid furniture that can have absolutely no contact with water or dampness.

    Is this a style I will love for years to come?

    When investing in furniture, you’ll want to choose something that is timeless. A piece that you will love for many years ahead. Start thinking about the future of this item and if you can envision it with you.

    Purchasing The Perfect Piece:

    If you’re ready to start researching the perfect furniture for your boat then please contact us or browse our website.



    Whether you are moving to a new office and want to put your company’s stamp on it, or if you want a facelift for your existing premises, OK Joinery can accommodate your needs and provide a bespoke furniture solution. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to help bring your vision to life and this is how:
    It’s expertly made
    Our bespoke lockers, for example, are ideal for office changing rooms and are beautifully crafted in an innovative Z shape to maximise internal space for storage. We offer complete freedom with choice of colour and a range of materials to fit your needs – furniture which maximizes space doesn’t need to be dull or ugly.
    It’s clean and clutter-free
    Our office furniture is designed to utilise all available space, with a focus on storage, practicality and comfort. This prevents worktops from getting cluttered and allows for lots of free space. If you’re a fan of Marie Kondo minimalism, we are here to help you ‘spark joy’ into your office environment!
    It’s designed for your needs
    Although our experts will do the hard work for you, your creative input is valued greatly when choosing and designing your bespoke furniture. You will have creative freedom with colours and style colours of your bespoke lockers ,primary colours for a sports team or perhaps a clean crisp white for a professional and calming office environment.
    Our materials are safe and hygienic
    Our office desks provide the best materials for a clean and hygienic work environment. The material used is HPL (High Pressure Laminate) and it is antibacterial. HPL is also microbiologically tested and reduces the growth of bacteria by 99%. In the current climate, details such as these can be incredibly important when assessing risk for employees returning to work in your office. We would love to discuss your requirements and inspiration so please do contact us for a no-obligation consultation



    Do you own a business with a dated kitchen? Does it need a complete refurb? If you have your heart set on a new modern kitchen that is not only practical but stylish, you need to consider a bespoke kitchen. Below we explore the benefits of bespoke kitchen furniture.

    Built to your exact needs

    A bespoke kitchen is made to your exact needs and will fit the intended space. You can choose the size of your units, where to place them, and how many worktops are needed.

    Use all the available space

    All space is utilized in bespoke kitchen design. There are no unsightly gaps as everything is made to measure, ensuring it fits perfectly. What you end up with is an incredibly practical and user-friendly kitchen.

    Exclusive designs

    If your kitchen is going to be on show to the public because it is in a restaurant or cafe environment, then it needs to look the part. You will be able to choose the colour, finish, and materials.

    Expertly made

    Ultimately, your bespoke kitchen will be built to last. Years of craftsmanship and skilled expertise go into making bespoke kitchen furniture.

    Maximise storage space

    The real beauty of a bespoke kitchen is that it can be made with a wide variety of storage options, keeping your worktops free from clutter.
    Here at OK Joinery, we are bespoke kitchen experts. We can make everything from kitchen units to bespoke kitchen worktops. To learn more about how we can help you and your business, simply get in touch with us today.



    As a provider of regular exercise and sport facilities you are more than aware of the impact that Covid-19 has had on a person’s regular leisure activity and their access to state of the art facilities. During the present circumstances the public have been encouraged to take regular exercise, so hopefully you should discover a knock on effect with an increase in activity when you re-open. In addition, the situation gives you an opportunity to reflect upon the quality of your present provision.
    OK Joinery Ltd are available to discuss any adjustments to your provision or any refurbishment that you may be considering.
    Do you need to consider the appearance of your reception area to your customers ?
    We can offer advice on reception furniture, desks, storage and other bespoke items.
    Do you need to consider the appearance of your changing rooms ?
    We can offer advice on improving the appearance of your facilities and on how you can best utilise the space available.
    Do you need to consider the appearance of your lockers ?

    We can offer advice on improving the appearance of your lockers as well as provide alternative solutions and bespoke designs. OK Joinery can help you at every stage of your project, including 3D visualisation How to contact us
    See our new lockers here.

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    Bespoke furniture is sometimes considered a luxury and many people assume that it will be too expensive. But instead of heading straight to your local flatpack furniture store to find something that will suffice, don’t rule out bespoke furniture just yet. When it comes to a project such as installing lockers in a public facility, bespoke lockers offer many advantages. You can achieve a design to suit the shape of your room and make sure that no space is wasted.
    That’s why we’ve introduced our new range of Z Lockers, which are affordable but still offer all the benefits of bespoke furniture, being both adaptable and fully customisable.

    What can Z Lockers be used for?

    The sleek and modern design of our Z Lockers makes them the perfect option for a variety of settings. From hotels and workplaces to schools and leisure facilities, these bespoke lockers can be adapted to fit any space. Each locker comes with a hook inside, label fitter and lock so there is no need to purchase additional hardware. A Z Locker also allows clothing to be hung, perfect for offices, where employees need to hang shirts and do not want their clothes to become creased.

    What makes the Z locker bespoke?

    We know that it can be hard to create a plan for your storage space or locker room without having the actual furniture in front of you. To make the process easier, prior to building your lockers we create a 3D render of the space to give you a clear idea of how they will look when the project has been completed. This will enable you to play around with the design and layout in the design phase, to make optimal use of space and get the best final result.

    It’s all in the name

    The innovative Z shape design means there’s plenty of internal space for storing clothing and personal effects and the individual units can be slotted together to offer a larger amount of storage space in a small area. Each unit measures H: 2100 x W: 800 x D: 450mm.

    Adaptable design and layouts

    Instead of finding lockers to try to fit your space, with bespoke lockers, it’s the other way round. The removable plinth makes it easy to customise the design of your bespoke lockers, from built-in lockers to a design that incorporates lockers and a bench

    Your choice of colours and materials

    With Z Lockers you have complete freedom and you can choose your preferred material and finish. As well as MDF and laminate, we also offer a fire-safe material, as well as soft close hinges. Choose from sleek white for a gym or bright primary hues for a school or sports team locker room. Upmarket establishments such as hotels and spas may prefer a warm wooden finish to give a sumptuous look and create a luxury feel.
    At Ok Joinery Ltd, we provide bespoke office furniture UK-wide, including bespoke garden furniture, bespoke kitchen furniture and more. Contact us today for an informal chat about your requirements



    n today’s circumstance we are interested in how can we can stay safe and protect ourselves from viruses such us COVID-19, especially in the office where we spend most of our working hours. It is doesn’t matter whether we are working remotely at home or in the office, sat in front of a monitor at our bespoke office desk, the reality is that many beautiful materials, including wood and MFC are porous. Bacteria can flourish in the tiny recesses on these surfaces when they find exactly what they need food, moisture and a comfortable temperature. To further minimize the presence of harmful bacteria, viruses and other less desirables, like fungus and mold, we recommend non-porous office worktops for your office furniture. As we mentioned in our previous blog, the best work surface for office furniture is the High Pressured Laminate (HPL) . However it matters which HPL you use, at Ok Joinery we use antibacterial HPL for our bespoke office furniture.
    What is meant by an antibacterial HPL office desk?
    In general, all HPL is inherently hygienic due to the density of its surface and its ease of cleaning. Our HPL work surface is extremely hygienic, so much so that it can be found in food preparation areas, NHS hospitals, schools and dentists. Our work surfaces have a special innovative structure providing anti-bacterial protection. This is microbiologically tested and uses silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth and reduces the quantity of bacteria by 99%.
    Our work surfaces have:
    – Impact resistance
    – Scratch resistance
    – Light fastness
    – Ease of cleaning
    – Heat resistance ( up to 180°C))
    – Extremely hygienic
    – Suitability for contact with food
    If you need high quality hygienic furniture for your office, Ok Joinery can provide. We can create office worktops, built-in office furniture, bespoke office desks, office furniture that are often not available in other office furniture retailers and that do not break your budget. Contact us today to discuss your bespoke office furniture requirements.



    Wood or steel – it might be a conundrum which you come across if you are in the business of procuring lockers for your workplace or facility. In this blog, we make the case for wooden lockers, giving you some reasons why in many ways, they can be considered a better choice than steel varieties. Read on!

    Greener than steel?
    You should remember that wood which is responsibly sourced counts as a renewable resource. As wood is purchased and used, it should be replaced, and with the planting of new trees, we can increase forest cover and do our bit for the environment in the process.

    The health benefits of wood?
    Research ( has found that being around wood – whether in the workplace or at home – is good for you! It has been discovered that wood can help to decrease stress responses, bring down your heart rate, and encourage people to interact. What’s not to like?!

    Easy to clean and maintain
    It seems likely that if you are installing lockers, they are going to be in regular use. That’s where the helpful properties of wood come in, giving you a surface which is easy to clean with just some wood cleaning spray and a cloth. Forget about needing to use substances such as ammonia or vinegar to get that pristine look. The same principle applies to bespoke kitchen worktops!

    Natural beauty
    In many ways, wood is so much more aesthetically pleasing than metals – offering a richness, homeliness and natural elegance to an interior space. Are you convinced yet? If you have your own idea on how wood can be incorporated into your locker design, take advantage of bespoke lockers from OK Joinery. Or perhaps you’d be interested in our bespoke office desks range?

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