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Based in the Midlands UK, Ok Joinery has proven capabilities in the furniture industry, offering its customers bespoke solutions. The craftsmanship of our furniture systems brings together countless talents, all experts in their field, to design, develop, produce and market high quality products. Ok Joinery strives to establish the most stringent standards of compliance, based on principles of legality, honesty, trust, and responsibility.

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Highest quality.



Highest quality.

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Yes, Z Lockers offer two individual compartments within the space of one carcass with hanging and shelving inside each compartment. Z shape design allows optimum internal space for storing personal effects and clothing.
The sleek and modern design of our Z Lockers makes them the perfect option for a variety of settings. From hotels and workplaces to schools and leisure facilities, these bespoke lockers can be adapted to fit any space. A Z Locker also allows clothing to be hung, perfect for offices, where employees need to hang shirts and do not want their clothes to become creased.
It’s all in the name
The innovative Z shape design means there’s plenty of internal space for storing clothing and personal effects and the individual units can be slotted together to offer a larger amount of storage space in a small area.
Adaptable design and layouts
Instead of finding lockers to try to fit your space, with bespoke lockers, it’s the other way round. The removable plinth makes it easy to customise the design of your bespoke lockers, from built-in lockers to a design that incorporates lockers and a bench.
Your choice of colours and materials
With Z Lockers you have complete freedom and you can choose your preferred material and finish. As well as MDF and laminate, we also offer a fire-safe material, as well as soft close hinges. Choose from sleek white for a gym or bright primary hues for a school or sports team locker room. Upmarket establishments such as hotels and spas may prefer a warm wooden finish to give a sumptuous look and create a luxury feel.

Built to your exact needs
A bespoke kitchen is made to your exact needs and will fit the intended space. You can choose the size of your units, where to place them, and how many worktops are needed.
Use all the available space
All space is utilized in bespoke kitchen design. There are no unsightly gaps as everything is made to measure, ensuring it fits perfectly. What you end up with is an incredibly practical and user-friendly kitchen.
Exclusive designs
If your kitchen is going to be on show to the public because it is in a restaurant or cafe environment, then it needs to look the part. You will be able to choose the colour, finish, and materials.
Expertly made
Ultimately, your bespoke kitchen will be built to last. Years of craftsmanship and skilled expertise go into making bespoke kitchen furniture.
Maximise storage space
The real beauty of a bespoke kitchen is that it can be made with a wide variety of storage options, keeping your worktops free from clutter.

Yes, Ok Joinery ltd are sending out fully assembled units on pallets or crates. Boat furniture packaged up in layers of bubble wrap, cardboards and other packaging. Dispatched with carefully selected carrier specialists allow us to fully manage the entire process of your furniture deliveries.

It’s expertly made
Our bespoke lockers, for example, are ideal for office changing rooms and are beautifully crafted in an innovative Z shape to maximise internal space for storage. We offer complete freedom with choice of colour and a range of materials to fit your needs – furniture which maximizes space doesn’t need to be dull or ugly.
It’s clean and clutter-free
Our office furniture is designed to utilise all available space, with a focus on storage, practicality and comfort. This prevents worktops from getting cluttered and allows for lots of free space. If you’re a fan of Marie Kondo minimalism, we are here to help you ‘spark joy’ into your office environment!
It’s designed for your needs
Although our experts will do the hard work for you, your creative input is valued greatly when choosing and designing your bespoke furniture. You will have creative freedom with colours and style colours of your bespoke lockers ,primary colours for a sports team or perhaps a clean crisp white for a professional and calming office environment.
Our materials are safe and hygienic
Our office desks provide the best materials for a clean and hygienic work environment. The material used is HPL (High Pressure Laminate) and it is antibacterial. HPL is also microbiologically tested and reduces the growth of bacteria by 99%. In the current climate, details such as these can be incredibly important when assessing risk for employees returning to work in your office.

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